Inter-scorer Reliability

Assessment System for Scoring Sleep Studies

Score 200-Epoch Records Online Monthly and Get Feedback from American Academy of Sleep Medicine Gold Standard Scorers

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Instantly Assess & Improve the Scoring Ability of Your Staff

AASM Inter-scorer Reliability utilizes a browser-based interface similar to popular commercial scoring software. Your staff will score a record sample of 200 epochs. Upon completion, scoring decisions will be instantly compared to AASM Gold Standard scorers. Users can improve their scoring ability and earn FREE CECs by reviewing scoring disagreements and by viewing a monthly scoring record review video.

Free Webinar Wednesday, Oct. 8
Join the AASM for a free webinar showcasing the Benefits of the AASM's Inter-scorer Reliability assessment system, used to meet the inter-scorer reliability requirements of the AASM Standards for Accreditation. Learn how ISR streamlines this process, saving time and money for your facility. Advanced registration is required.

Meet Standard for AASM Center Accreditation

Your center can satisfy the AASM Standards for Accreditation item F-6: Inter-scorer Reliability by using the AASM Inter-scorer Reliability Assessment System. This standard requires sleep technologists at each site to demonstrate competency in scoring. Facility managers that use this system can avoid spending time grading and reporting monthly records to satisfy this requirement.

Take Video Tour
The AASM recently several webinars to introduce new users to Inter-scorer Reliability and answer any questions about the scoring assessment system. Learn more about the system and how it can help your facility in theView webinar archive.

New Features and Improvements for 2014

A brand-new Interactive Record Review feature allows users to follow the record review discussion with ease. Users can follow along on their own fully-scored record as the gold standard scorer discusses trouble spots. An optional guided review feature automatically navigates through the record and changes the montage to highlight the events that the gold standard scorer references. The system enhancements also include hypnogram functionality and interface improvements. 
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