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AASM A-STEP Self-Study Modules

Technologists and sleep technology professionals in training can enhance their professional education through the Accredited Sleep Technologist Education Program (A-STEP) Self-Study Modules. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of sleep technology by completing all 23 A-STEP Modules.

Self-Study-Module Topics
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Updates for 2012

  • Online streaming audio-visual multi-media format.
  • Content better aligned with a sleep technologist's daily duties and core competencies.
  • Post-module self-assessment exams and the chance to earn up to 1 AAST CEC per module

Who completes the modules?

Module Pricing

The first module "Welcome to Sleep Technology" is free. Discounts are offered to students who have completed the AASM A-STEP Introductory Course. Payment is online by credit card only. You can purchase all of the modules up-front before you begin, otherwise payment is required when you first access each module. All charges are non-refundable.
    Completed the A-STEP Introductory Course: $20 per module
    Did not complete the A-STEP Introductory Course: $30 per module.

Module Instructions 

Each of the 23 online educational modules covers topics introduced in the AASM A-STEP Introductory Course. The 23 online educational modules can only be completed in sequential order. Once you begin, you cannot start another until you have finished your current module.

At the end of each module you must pass a short examination before proceeding. You may take the exam as many times as is necessary to earn a grade of 70 percent or higher. You may review the module and take the exam as many times as necessary. Once you successfully complete the exam with a grade of 70 percent or higher you will not be able to view the module again. You are encouraged to take your time and take notes in order to get the most out of each module.

After completing the self-study modules, students who meet the eligibility criteria can take the next step toward becoming a sleep technologist by applying to take the American Board of Sleep Medicine's RST Exam or the RPSGT Exam. The AASM will maintain certification records that show the sleep technology technician’s completion of the AASM A-STEP Self-Study Modules. This information will be made available for the technician to give to future employers. The AASM will provide PDF transcripts to students for a $20 charge.