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AASM Patient Education Brochures
Educate your patients on sleep illnesses with AASM Patient Education Brochures that
address a variety of sleep related conditions. Keep your patients up-to-date with the
latest information from the leading voice in the field of sleep medicine.
Dangers of Drowsy Driving
Item Number: 0100
Understanding Insomnia
Item Number: 0230
Healthy Sleep in Children
Item Number: 0110
Understanding Narcolepsy
Item Number: 0240
Healthy Sleep in Teens
Item Number: 0120
Understanding Parasomnias
Item Number: 0250
How to Sleep Better
Item Number: 0130
Your Home Sleep Test
Item Number: 0260
Non-PAP Treatment for Sleep Apnea
Item Number: 0140
Your In-Lab Sleep Study
Item Number: 0270
PAP Treatment for Sleep Apnea
Item Number: 0150
Your Sleep Schedule
Item Number: 0280
PAP Treatment Tips
Item Number: 0160
Restless Legs Syndrome
Item Number: 0170
Sleep & Emotional Health
Item Number: 0180
Sleep & Physical Health
Item Number: 0190
Sleep as You Grow Older
Item Number: 0200
Sleep in Women
Item Number: 0210
Snoring & Sleep Apnea
Item Number: 0220
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