Become a Course Provider

What is an A-STEP Provider?

A sleep facility or academic institution that becomes an A-STEP provider can offer the AASM A-STEP live 80-hour Introductory Course to sleep trainees and technicians. This course consists of 80 hours of instruction and training about sleep, sleep disorders, sleep studies and patient care. It concludes with an online examination. 


Why Become an A-STEP Provider?

Becoming an A-STEP provider is a benefit to your practice, your staff, sleep trainees and technicians, and the field. 


Practice Benefits

AASM accreditation is the gold standard in the sleep medicine and sleep technology fields. As an A-STEP Provider, your colleagues and patients will recognize your commitment to the assurance of quality care.


Benefits include:


1. Your program and contact information will be prominently featured on the AASM website, a powerful advertising tool that is viewed by thousands of visitors, including potential students, each month.


2. After receiving accreditation from AASM you will receive a marketing CD-ROM that contains materials and best practices to help you publicize your program.


Staff Benefits

By becoming an AASM A-STEP Provider, you have in place a solid and standardized program to ensure thorough and quality education and training for your current and future employees.


A-STEP and Online Learning

According to the A-STEP standards, programs may include an online portion as a percentage of their 80 hours of training. The online portion must meet the following five requirements:

  1. Online learning may not make up more than 30% of the Introductory Course curriculum.
  2. Topics requiring hands-on learning and practical experience cannot be dealt with exclusively by an online approach. These include, but are not necessarily limited to:
    • 10-20 System
    • Electrode Application
    • Sleep Staging
    • Electrocardiography
    • Monitoring Airflow and Respiratory Effort
    • Oxygen Saturation and Carbon Dioxide Monitoring
    • Scoring Respiratory Events
    • PAP Titration
    • Recording and Scoring Limb Movements
    • Polysomnogram Report
    • MSLT and MWT
    • Artifact Recognition and Troubleshooting
    • Pediatric Polysomnography
  3.  Content and presentation of online material must be suitable for an entry-level studen
  4. Quality and organization of online material must be appropriate for self-learning. There must be no need for supplementation by faculty other than access for questions. The use of interactive materials (i.e. videos, webinars, written materials) is strongly encouraged.
  5. Provisions must be in place for learners to have timely access to faculty for questions regarding the online learning materials.